Otsuki's local cuisine and ramen noodles.
This miso soup is a combination of Otsuki's local miso and koji miso, simmered with vegetables such as daikon radish, carrots, burdock root, and shimeji mushrooms, and dumplings made from well-kneaded flour in a small oval shape. Enjoy the healthy and nostalgic taste of the past.
Otsuki Gyoza
Pounding rice cake and getting lucky ♫ Gyoza with rice cake, Otsuki Gyoza, is our specialty menu. They've been featured in numerous TV shows and magazines! Please enjoy it with yuzu vinegar.
Specialty ramen noodles
something to enjoy with drinks
We offer a variety of snacks to enjoy with your alcoholic beverages.
In addition to beer and sours, you can also enjoy cups of sake from various regions of Japan.
Kominka mendokoro Katsura
Located right in front of JR Otsuki Station, our restaurant is popular among hikers and golfers as a place to enjoy reasonably priced meals and drinks in the relaxed atmosphere of an old private house. We offer not only ramen, but also B-class gourmet tsuke-dango (rice dumplings), udon noodles with an old-fashioned taste, and Otsuki gyoza (gyoza) filled with rice cake, which is rare elsewhere in the city.
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